This is a board game where you can travel Around the World!
This event will last a few days, but you can only do 3 laps.

Use tickets to roll the dice and move the number of spaces equal to the number on the dice.

You can get more tickets for:

playing levels—each level will have a tag showing the number of tickets you can get
completing daily and weekly tasks in your blog

There are a few Rainbow Tickets that give you one roll free.

You can buy Gold Dice to get special features:

Roll the dice for half price
Get ALL the gold rewards
Get x2 showplaces
Unlock the 2nd and 3rd laps for FREE

There are 60 different spaces:

Some are empty.
Some contain a reward.
Others have showplaces on them.
And some spaces can move you either back or forward.

Every time you finish a lap you will get a reward!
You can buy the second and third lap with Rubies.

If you didn’t get a special reward during your current lap, it will be stored in the Golden Cage and you will be able to claim it after the third lap.

This event may get you:

Booster parts
Time-limited boosters
Full boosters
Blog points

Have a wonderful trip Around the World!