If your game progress disappeared:
  1. Restart your device 📲
  2. Connect the game to the same Facebook account you used before.

    Here's how it can be done:
    1. Go to game Settings ⚙️.
    2. Tap your avatar.
    3. Sign in to your Facebook account.
If progress has not been restored after these actions, please contact our Support Team 👩‍💻 and provide the following information:
🔸 What happened before you lost progress (e.g. game update, device change);
🔸 Your in-game name and your real email address (as a backup communication channel);
🔸 The restaurant you were in and your level progress;

🌼 Check out the article 'How to save game progress?'.
🌼 We won't be able to help without the necessary information.
🌼 Make sure your internet connection is stable and your device meets the minimum system requirements (at least 1.5 Gb RAM).
🌼 Please note that access to Facebook services may be restricted in some countries or regions. In cases like this, we follow local law.