Start by checking your internet connection, as it has to be stable for newly purchased items to be added to the game. If the connection was lost during the purchase or immediately after it, try restarting your device and check to see if the purchase shows up.

If the purchase still doesn't appear in the game, contact our customer support. Please make sure to provide the following information about your purchase:
  1. The name of the purchase and the number of items.
  2. Was it a regular transaction or a special offer?
  3. The approximate date and time of your purchase.
  4. copy of the receipt or a screenshot of your purchase history. The receipt is emailed to the account used to make the purchase soon after the purchase is completed. Please note that we do not accept bank statements or SMS alerts about money withdrawals.
📌 More information on your purchase history can be found in the user support section of app store sites:

- Google Play