The whole game consists of levels - these are new colonies that need your help in building space farms. Restore robots, improve production, earn coins, and complete tasks to adjust the flow of resources and complete the level.

Only one field is available at the beginning of each level.
Tap the colonist so that he starts working.
When he's done, the truck itself will drive the crop to the hangar, and from there it will be taken to the market by the conveyor and you will get coins.

Using coins you can improve:
  • Field - its income will increase;
  • Truck - its capacity will increase;
  • Conveyor - its capacity and the number of belts will increase.
You can also:
  • Fix the Robot - it will work on the field instead of the colonist, no tapping is required;
  • Buy a new field - is the main source of income: the more fields you have, the higher your income is!