In the game, there are different objectives to complete, as well as restrictions, which cannot be violated.
Level objectives:
Earn a specific amount of money.
  • In these levels, you must sell goods with a specific total worth. The quicker you complete orders, the better, because you will earn higher Tips for your work.
  • Earn a certain number of stars.
    In these levels, the waiting timer consists of stars. The quicker you complete an order, the more stars you will earn.
  • Sell a specific quantity of goods.
    In these levels, you have to serve a specific number of order trays.

    Level restrictions:
  • timer
  • number of customers
Special level restrictions:
  • You are not allowed to throw away goods in the trash can.
  • You are not allowed to lose customers.
  • You are not allowed to let any goods spoil.