The goal of the game is to serve every customer and complete every objective in a level. Each level counts as one workday in the farm shop.

Each customer orders specific goods, which are displayed right next to them. You have to gather or prepare the required goods and sell them to the customer.

Every customer has a waiting timer, which gradually decreases. Once it runs out, the customer leaves.
Selling goods sets back the timer a little.

Certain goods can be sold immediately, while others require preparation.
For example, cow milk refills automatically, meaning you can sell it as soon as you collect it. Wheat, on the other hand, must be planted first for it to grow, or the patch will stay empty.

You can put semi-ready goods, goods ready for sale, or spoiled goods on the trays, which is extremely helpful in levels where you aren't allowed to throw anything away.

Customers will pay for the order either once it's completed or, in case they run out of patience, they will only pay for the goods they've received, and leave.