- Tap the bag with carrot seeds.

- Wait until the carrots grow.

- Now you can serve fresh and crunchy carrots to the customer!



- Get a fresh carrot.

- Feed it to a rabbit.

- Wait until the rabbit grows.

- Now the rabbit is ready to go to his new family!



- Tap the bag with sunflower seeds.

- Wait until it grows.

- Now you can harvest colourful sunflower!


Sunflower Oil

- Get a sunflower.

- Put it into an oil press.

- Wait until the oil is pressed.

- Hurry up and pick up the sunflower oil before it overflows!



- Wait until the raspberries are gathered.

- Now you can pick up a basket full of juicy raspberies!



- Tap the lettuce patch.

- Wait until the lettuce grows.

- Now you can harvest fresh green lettuce!