- Tap the bag with wheat seeds.

- Wait until the wheat grows.

- Now you can harvest wheat!



- Get some wheat.

- Put it into the oven.

- Wait until the bread is baked.

- Hurry and take the bread out of the oven before it burns!



- Tap the tomato seeds.

- Wait until the tomatoes grow.

- Now you can pick up fresh tomatoes!


Cow Milk

- The cow will produce the milk on its own.

- Once the milk is ready you can serve it to the customer!



- Get some milk.

- Put it into the cheese maker.

- Wait until the cheese is made.

- Now you can give the cheese to the customer!


Chicken Eggs

- Tap the chicken or the seeds near the coop.

- Wait until the eggs are laid.

- Now you can pick up fresh eggs!