- Tap the apple tree.

- Wait until the apples are gathered.

- Now you can pick up fresh apples!


Apple Jam

- Get fresh apples.

- Put them into the jam maker.

- Wait until the jam is made.

- Now you can serve the apple jam to the customers!



- Tap the bag with corn seeds.

- Wiat until the corn grows.

- Now you can harvest the corn!


Cornmeal (Corn flour)

- Get corn.

- Put it into the windmill.

- Wait until the windmill finishes producing flour.

- Now you can give the cormeal to customers!



- Tap the bag with cabbage seeds.

- Wait until the cabbage grows.

- Now you can harvest fresh cabbage!


Goat milk

- Get cabbage.

- Give it to a goat.

- Wait until the goat eats the cabbage.

- Hurry up and pick up the milk before the goat spills it!


Strawberry and Cocoa

- Get fresh goat milk.

- Tap the strawberry or cocoa to flavor the milk.

- Now you can serve flavored milk to the customer!