There are a lot of levels in the game and we are constantly working to add more.
We launch in-game events on a regular basis as well so that players are never bored.

If you finished all currently available levels you will be able to play the infinite mode, where you will replay previous levels in random order with slightly increased difficulty.

And in case you wish to try something new, you can check out our other games, we hope you will like them as much!
Here is the list of our games:
👨‍🚒Rescue Dash🚒

👨‍🌾Mega Farm        🌻

👨‍🚀Idle Mars Colony🤖

🐔Farming Fever🍅

👩‍🍳Cooking Live🎥

But if you still want to delete the game progress, the only way is to delete the game data from the device, but note that in this case you will lose all your progress, achievements and purchases.

You can also request deletion of your saved data from our cloud storage by going to Chat and select the following answers: 
  1. Game Progress
  2. Delete my mrogress
  3. (confirm that you would ilke to delete all your data from our cloud storage)
  4. (Provide any necessary data, like account ID if requested)

Deleted progres can never be restored.

To do that you will need to:
-go to the device Settings;
-find the 'Apps' category;
-'Manage apps';
-search for the name of the game e.g. 'Rescue Dash';
-tap 'Clear data' button;
-choose 'Clear all data' option.

(The names of menus, categories and buttons may vary on different devices)