High striker arcade

Pay 5 food to start the counter.
Tap the arcade again to get the prize: the Green zone gives 3 tickets, the Yellow zone gives - 2 and the Red zone awards just 1 ticket.

Exchange kiosk

You can use tickets here to buy random things. You can even get extra time!

Carousell lever

Fix it to use the carousell.
Pay 1 ticket to use the lever and spin the carousell.


Teleports do not require any extra actions and you rescuers will navigate the paths by themselves.
Just keep an eye on the available tasks that are marked by the green underline.


Some levels are dark and you need to press the white button to light up an area.

Athletes with kettlebells

Pay them 3 tickets so they stop practicing, otherwise you will have to take out kettlebells over and over again.

Fireworks with red counter

Disarm it for 10 tools before the time runs out. If it explodes the cost will increase to 15 tools.