We honestly think that a little challenge spices things up and adds to the fun!
Also, we can assure you that all of our levels are beatable without using extra Boosters.

Here are some tips that can help you if you face a real challenge:
  • Remember to upgrade the Van. The more rescuers you have, the more tasks you can do at the same time. The Super Van booster lets you start a level with three Rescuers and also give you free resources from time to time, it is very useful!
  • Try to reach Platforms with resources sooner, because it is a steady source of resources of all sorts: Food, Tools, Speed Boosts and even Extra Time!
  • Try to prioritize complex tasks, as they take several actions to complete.
  • Keep in mind that rescued people also need some time to get to the escape point. It is very important on the levels that have several areas.
  • Try to save Speed Boosts till the end to take the most advantage of this item!