Boosters are items that make it easier to get through levels.

The game contains Boosters, which can be used before starting a level in the preparation stage, and Bonuses, which are used during levels.
🧰  Resource Delivery - Instantly gives you food and tools. You will start a level with extra 20 food and 20 tools!
- 🚒 Super Van - Instantly upgrades the vehicle to its maximum level. At hte start of the level you will have 3 rescuers. Please note that some levels only allow 2 rescuers at most. 
🧨 Firecracker - instantly destroys several random objects. Can even complete some tasks for you which greatly speeds up the operation.
- ⚡️Acceleration - This energy drink makes rescuers run twice as fast for 40 seconds. You can find energy drinks on level but they will boost only one rescuer and for shorter time.
- 💪 Super Rescuer - Rescuers equip special suits and require 5 less resources for a task and also can do any tassk much faster!